Would you believe that at Dr. Thomas Tinney’s office you can replace your smile with just four relatively painless dental implants?

That’s right, a sense of security for your oral health is just around the corner with the amazing All-On-4 procedure offered by Dr. Tinney!

You don’t necessarily need a costly dental implant for every last one of your missing teeth. Everything you need is fit into four screws that allow us to put inserts on the highest point of your mouth, and four on the base, to restore your full smile. That is what makes the all-on-four procedure so revolutionary. You’ll also enjoy the effects of having your dental implant fused to the living bone and function as a normal tooth due to the titanium material it’s made out of.

Another great thing about the AO4 procedure is that this technology will actually help prevent future-bone loss in each patient because of the amazing materials this is comprised of. It can also help maintain a very youthful looking smile and better overall dental health. We find that the benefit our patient’s are loving the most is how fact this procedure can transform your smile and your life. Think about smiling again without worrying if someone is looking at that gap or staring at the chip in your tooth. Smile with confidence again and scheduled yourself for this amazing and ground-breaking all-on-four procedure offered by Dr. Thomas Tinney!

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