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Dr. Tom Tinney, D.D.S. – Dentist Elk Grove

Whether living in or visiting Elk Grove, Dentist Elk Grove is the answer for all your dental needs. From tots to seniors, it is important to maintain good dental health with regular checkups and care. In case you have a dental emergency, walk-in appointments are accepted. Dentist Elk Grove accepts different payment types, including credit card, cash, and insurance. Sometimes we need to have something fixed right away. Talk to Dentist Elk Grove friendly, professional staff regarding your situation.

Reasons to Visit the Dentist Elk Grove

• Dental implants are the answer to dentures. Metal anchors substitute for the roots of your teeth, which have deteriorated. Dentist Elk Grove puts them in the jawbone, and attaches small posts on top of each one. The posts are stable and will hold created teeth, which will look natural and beautiful in your mouth. While you are waiting for the anchors to become part of the jaw, Dentist Elk Grove will give you temporary false teeth so you can eat. It takes about a year to complete the process. Once it’s over and you see your beautiful smile in the mirror, you will agree it was worth the wait.
• Root canals are common dental procedures, even at Dentist Elk Grove. A root canal is done to restore good health to sick teeth, and avoid the necessity of bridges or dental implants. When the pulp in your tooth gets infected, the bad pulp needs removed. Dentist Elk Grove will then clean the root canal and seal it. Some of the things that can cause the infection are cracks in the teeth or unchecked decay.
• Porcelain veneers are thin ceramic shapes that are bonded to the teeth in the front and on the top surfaces. Dentist Elk Grove is ready to help the clients who will benefit from the strong, durable covering. Your smile will be widened because of how beautiful it is, thanks to Dentist Elk Grove.

The routine visit is usually for teeth cleaning. The dental hygienist at Dentist Elk Grove is your best friend when it comes to the health of your teeth. If you aren’t flossing correctly, or missing certain spots on your teeth when brushing, a review of those two essential dental hygiene practices will be given.

Other Ways Dentist Elk Grove Can Keep You Smiling

Dentist Elk Grove is qualified to help your smile. Cosmetic fillings can be designed to match your teeth and/or bridges. No more wimpy smiles because your mouth is full of metal. Teeth whitening can be done to clear stains from your teeth and make them look brighter. If it is time for dentures, and your jawbone won’t accept implants, Dentist Elk Grove will do all the steps necessary to make certain your new dentures will fit snugly and comfortably.

Start the children on the right path of good dental care at Dentist Elk Grove. By learning the proper way to brush their teeth and floss, they will form good habits for the rest of their life. One of the best moments for kids is when they are praised by the staff for the steps they are taking towards healthy teeth and gums at Dentist Elk Grove.

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